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$30.00 - 55.00

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2018 Contest Issue: Fall 2019

2019's Fall Issue | 26.2 Feel our beautiful matte covers and sturdy paper for yourself. Purchase a print issue of Yemassee via credit card for only $6. Our back issue archive with content details can be found here. 26.1, features fantastic new work, including:

  • Fiction from Jacquelaine Jiang Chieu, Hunter Choate, Leonora Desar, Olivia Germann, Catherine Moore, Nicklaus Rupert, Lauren Sills
  • Poetry from Emma Aylor, Sarah Carey, Caroline Crew, Annie Diamond, Lupita Eyde-Tucker, Sonja Johanson, Andrew Koch, Nicholas Karavatos, Patrick Kindig, Cameron Lawrence, Jennifer Lentfer, Ray McManus, Brooke Moody, Emmy Newman, Hannah Newman, Phoebe Reeves, Nicholas Reiner, Mara Adamitz Scrupe, Susan Sonde, K.G. Strayer
  • Nonfiction from Stephen Howie, Hannah Sward, Amy Zaranek
  • Cover Art by Melanie Walker
  • Layout and Cover Design by Andrew Green and Alex Mayer

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Threshold Amnesia 

Title: Threshold Amnesia

Author: Jessica Yuan 


 ISBN: 978-0-578-46251-6  

Publication Date: 2020  

Retail Price: $14.00 

 Distributed by Yemassee Journal  

Publisher Contact:  

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chronicle the body cover 


Title: chronicle the body
Author: m mick powell
ISBN: 978-0-578-46251-6
Publication Date: 2019
Retail Price: $14.00
Distributed by Yemassee Journal
Publisher Contact:


“singing the song of soft knowing/screaming the song a soft rosary” 

Urgent music and breathtaking self-reflection spill from Powell's chronicle the body. These poems remind me of the way strength, insight, and vulnerability converge in Lucille Clifton’s lines: “born in babylon/both nonwhite and woman/what did i see to be except myself?” I’m also reminded of all the ways we must work to remember the simple miracle of our bodies, their wounds and healing, in a world that so often refuses to see the body’s – in particular: black women’s bodies’ – trials and complexities. But chronicle the body lives and sings in the midst of our American mess, crafting its own rituals and music: 

“i remember my body a bright kitchen, all sugar. jag. sweet milk. papaya and lime. basil leaf. slow fire, the smell of it. 

i remember my body a dancing thing.” 

Powell’s poems radiate with multiple valences of meaning. The title’s subtle phrasing, how “chronicle” works interchangeably as verb and noun, urges us – challenges us – to record the stories of the body in one sense and, in another, implies that the body itself is a chronicle: one lit with wild survival, joy, pain, and unpredictable growth. 

I’m most impressed by the range of voices that Powell inhabits in her series of prose poems, “Candy Girls” set in 1961, 1988, and 2011. Each is a matrix of empathy and imagination that embodies and vivifies intersections of adolescence, pop culture, and racial and sexual violence...I know, as a man, that these poems have changed me, opened me. Especially in our current moment of unmasking dangerous facades of masculinity, I’m grateful for the brilliant courage we witness here. chronicle the body is a collage of the sacred, mundane, familial, and existential; together, these images, emotions, and stories thrive as one ecstatic whole.  

---Aaron Coleman, author of St. Trigger and Threat Come Close

mick powell (she/her) is a queer black Cape Verdean femme feminist poet. She is currently an MFA candidate in Poetry at Southern Connecticut State University. Her work has been published or is forthcoming in Apogee Journal, Winter Tangerine, The Feminist Wire, and elsewhere. She is a notorious movie-talker who also enjoys talking about Beyoncé, baked goods, bodies, and how much she loves the people she loves.

Reservoir by Taneum Bambrick 

Title: Reservoir

Author: Taneum Bambrick


ISBN: 978-0-9887044-5-9

Publication Date: March 10, 2018

Retail Price: $12.00

Distributed by Yemassee Journal

Publisher Contact:

A stunning chaplet that weaves, through restless forms, a myriad and fleshed lie of work, love, and fierce yet tender observations of the working class. I returned to the manuscript again and again, each time finding more reasons to stay. Detail by detail, through the accretion of minutiae and the infinitesimal, the book builds and garners an entire world, replete with throttled sound, image, voice, and unforgettable lives and their living. This is poetry that encompasses, that let's no one turn away." 

--Ocean Vuong, author of Night Sky with Exit Wounds

Pastoralism, so we are told, is a played-out sentiment--a stock of images, preconceived and overwrought--clean-handed workers with clean histories who sing clean songs. With Reservoir, one may be tempted to stop short with such formal descriptions as witness, autobiography, or Americana. Bambrick, however, side-steps nostalgic portraiture in favor of a poetics of tattered institutions, half-eaten, left-behind things. Structures like pastoralism don't die out; they gather in carved-out spaces, in this persistence of landscape, in precision, power. Reservoir is unforgiving, but tender--boys at the back of pick-up trucks, a heron with a hole in it. Bambrick's verse is beautifully informative, yet she doesn't offer us documentation, argument, or lyricism only. Rather, she leads up to an old hope: in waste--ours, our fathers'--we may, piecemeal, together, find names, address, still. Reservoir is a call but not to "you, really. Just you in this place."

--Jos Charles, author of feeld

Taneum Bambrick's work appears or is forthcoming in Academy of American Poets, Blackbird, Pleiades, Entropy, Hayden's Ferry Review, Hobart, The Nashville Review, New Delta Review, and elsewhere. She is a recent graduate of the MFA program at the University of Arizona. She serves as an Associate Editor for Narrative Magazine. She has received an Academy of American Poets University Prize, and a Tennessee Williams Scholarship from the Sewanee Writer's Conference. 


2018's Spring Issue | 26.1

 Feel our beautiful matte covers and sturdy paper for yourself. Purchase a print issue of Yemassee via credit card for only $6. Our back issue archive with content details can be found here. 26.1, features fantastic new work, including:

  • Fiction from Bryn Agnew, Laura Citino, Katie Young Foster, Lindsay Gerano, Toni Judnitch, Sara Kachelman, and Samantha Pilecki
  • Poetry from Geoff Anderson, Julie Phillips Brown, Will Cordeiro, Caroline Crew, Ifoghale Eguwe, Jessica Fischoff, Corey Ginsberg, Maggie Graber, Brett Hanley, Dillion Thomas Jones, Mikel Kelly, Scott Riley, Heidi Seaborn, Chavonn Williams Shen, Dujie Tahat, Troy Varvel, and Angelique Zobitz.
  • Cover Art by Julia Fuller
  • Layout and Cover Design by Andrew Green

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2018's Contest Issue!

Feel our beautiful matte covers and sturdy paper for yourself. Purchase a print issue of Yemassee via credit card for only $6. Our back issue archive with content details can be found here

The 2018 Contest Issue | 25.2, features fantastic new work, including:

  • Fiction from William Russell Wallace, Allison Wyss, Jason Brady Molohon, Sean Bernard, and Kevin Lichty
  • Poetry from nicole shanté, Brandon Jordan Brown, David Joez Villaverde, Danielle Weeks, Ryan Clark, E.B. Schnepp, Daniel Edward Moore, Adam Tavel, Juliana Roth, Derek Berry, Malcolm Tariq, Kwame Dawes, Diana Fu, Christine Pacyk, Elizabeth Theriot, Derek JG Williams, Lauren Yarnall
  • Non-Fiction from Kathleen Kraft, Jean Ferruzola, and Meagan Ciesla
  • Cover Art by Andrew Green

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